Change Your Google Plus Background to Any Image

Change Your Google Plus Background to Any Image

Gregory Han
Jul 28, 2011

Bored with the ho-hum plain yogurt background on your Google+ page? Sigh no longer, and say "adios" to Snoresville (well, at least for Chrome browser users). Layouts for Google Plus is a super simple install and upload browser extension which opens up the choice to customize the background sitting behind your new fav social networking site's page feed...

Choose from the hodgepodge of publicly shared images already available or customize your Google+ page with your own uploaded image.

Choose from images already publicly available showcased on the Google Plus Themes site or better yet, upload your own to use (you'll be given the option to make this image public to share or private for your eyes only). Install this Google Chrome extension for Google+ at the Google Webstore for free.

Other ways to make your Google+ experience better:

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