Chapter 3 and a Survey: Becky + Andrew Need a Crib

Chapter 3 and a Survey: Becky + Andrew Need a Crib

Janie Lee
May 15, 2007

It's time to order the crib...Becky + Andrew want to hear from you. Here's the situation:

Becky says:

Okay – now we really need to order a crib. I love the Oeuf. Not only does it look great (clean lines for our small space), but it is low enough to the ground that I can easily lean over the side. And the woman at Dawn Price Baby in DC where we went to look at it (Dawn Price herself, I think) was so nice and helpful that we would love to give her the business. But, it's expensive ($824). So, we also thought about getting a Jenny Lind-style crib at a fraction of the price ($219). Although it is far more traditional, maybe it can be modernized with accessories and other furniture in the room.

Answer the survey below the jump...

Andrew says:

$824 for a crib? Oeuf. The sound you make when you're punched in the gut. I think the Wee-Tot would be just as happy with a trip to Target or a visit to Ms. Lind. Not just because I generally prefer the traditional to the modern, but because we can apply the money saved to far more important purchases, like Redskins and Nationals merchandise for newborns. Nevertheless, for our tight space, I think the modern Oeuf fits better. In fact, while I'm on the topic, some traditional baby furniture is nothing more than a gross caricature of traditional styles. Much of it is so chock full of curly-ques and flowers and spindles that it looks like it was designed by some wayward Victorian who fell out of a Bronte novel rather than someone who actually has to use the stuff.

Update: Since we last checked in (Chapter 2), Becky + Andrew ordered the Monte Luca Glider in charcoal. Becky told us the folks at Monte were incredibly nice and helpful. They can't wait to get the glider.

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