Chapter 3 Revisited: Becky + Andrew Buy a Crib

Chapter 3 Revisited: Becky + Andrew Buy a Crib

Janie Lee
May 23, 2007

The survey responses and comments to Chapter 3 were great. Becky + Andrew took everyone's suggestions into consideration. This past weekend they took the plunge and purchased...

...the Ikea Gulliver! At $90, it's hard to argue against it. Nice clean lines and a simple profile. Wee-Tot is a lucky gal.

What Becky + Andrew say:
We liked the clean, modern lines of the crib, and, honestly, could not discern why it is nearly $800 cheaper than the Oeuf crib (no offense to Oeuf). Plus there was a very serious couple nearby, with the husband measuring, pulling, pushing and otherwise inspecting the crib, who seemed impressed. (Andrew, on the other hand, took one look at the crib and its price tag, and made up his mind. He then sat down on a toddler bed waiting for Becky to make up hers!)

So, now that we feel so good about saving money on the crib, we are considering whether it makes sense to invest in a more expensive mattress that is organic (or at least hypoallergenic). I have allergies and asthma (as do most of my siblings), so the Wee-Tot has a pretty good chance of inheriting the same conditions. Also, if you're pro-organic, please share advice regarding where to purchase. We've looked, and it is a bit overwhelming. There are so many different websites that sell so-called organic crib mattresses, and it is hard to tell which are legitimate and which are not.

Becky + Andrew - good places to start are here and here (although this focuses on twin-sized mattresses).

AT:Nursery readers - please share your mattress resources and opinions with Becky + Andrew in the comments.

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