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West Allis, WI
Inspiration for my palette:
Living in Wisconsin, where it is cold 60-75% of the time, I look for colors that will make me happy to be at home, no matter what the weather. But with all white walls, that cannot be painted, It can be a challenge to make a room come alive . So I look to nature. Flowers, rainbows and butterflies are the three things that my three, five and six year old girls just love. And of course kids love color. My goal was to have a stimulating place for them to call home and a cozy colorful place for myself.
Colors used in my room:
White, Blue, Yellow (Mustard), Red, Green.
Tips for using color successfully:
Choose at least three colors that you really like in fabric, rugs, or a picture, and go from there. I found mine in material from one of my favorite fabric stores and covered my favorite chairs with it. Also don't be afraid to tweak colors if necessary. I loved the fabric but the red was a little to pink so I painted it to better fit what I was looking for. Don't worry about whether or not everyone else gets it. As long as the mixture make you happy, go with it!
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