Charming DIY Mini Bunting

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Lindsay's room for her (just born!) son Oscar is mostly white, but she wanted to work in some color and found a subtle and charming way to do it with a homemade mini bunting made from simple paper and string.

There's something so festive and celebratory about this bunting and the diminutive size seems to say, "hip, hip hooray, Oscar's here! But shushhhhh...he's sleeping!"

Lindsay didn't buy a thing to make this bunting either. She created triangles in colors she liked on the computer, printed and cut them out and then strung them up. And she's made it even easier for you to do the same by offering a download on her blog, Aubrey and Lindsay's Little House Blog. Of course, if you have specific colors in mind, just take this idea and run with it.

Thanks Lindsay!

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