Cheap, Easy DIY Decorating Idea: Craft with Painted Fall Leaves

Cheap, Easy DIY Decorating Idea: Craft with Painted Fall Leaves

Dabney Frake
Nov 8, 2013

Here’s an easy DIY craft for you: grab some leaves from the backyard, whip out some craft paint or thread, and go to town. If your budget doesn't allow for buying store-bought decorations, this is a cheap alternative that do-able and fun.

  1. Alisa Burke painted a series of leaves, then strung them up as festive garland.
  2. Try painting leaves still on the branch, for a great centerpiece like Rachael's.
  3. Or, simply tape up a collection of leaves like Elsie Marley did.
  4. Socks officially knocked off by this crocheted leaf from Susanna Bauer. Visit her website for lots more.
  5. For a sophisticated look, Elena Nuez used a restrained, earthy color palette when she hand-painted a pile.


  1. Gabee Meyer went more playful with brighter colors. Via Josloft.
  2. Our very own Sarah Dobbins marbleized a bunch of leaves, then created a festive branch centerpiece.
  3. Alisa Burke also fashioned a seasonal wreath from some metallic painted leaves.
  4. Kristen shared some abstract, painterly leaves that read thoroughly modern.
  5. Last but not least, Sarah & Emily contributed these glittery leaves, which they hung vertically. They used fake leaves, but there’s no reason real ones shouldn’t work.
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