When it comes to bar carts, there aren't too many budget-friendly options that also happen to be fashionable. A bar cart at Target runs $100+, and you can't even find (an attractive) one at IKEA for less than $50. But this one above? It was built for under $40 (and to say "built" is really stretching it). The secret?

Harbor Freight, the discount tool and equipment chain! This two-shelf steel service cart doesn't look like much at first, but for $37.99 (plus the inevitable sales and coupons that are always going on in the stores), it's really a steal.

The guys at Primer classed it up a bit by adding wooden shelves (made from super thin and super cheap plywood from Home Depot), sanding and staining them, and hanging hooks for bar towels and bar tools.

The result is a stylish, modern, industrial bar cart that only took an afternoon to make (and that includes picking it up from the store). You can customize it even further by painting the steel itself. Check out the tutorial on Primer!