Cheap, High Quality Bedding

Cheap, High Quality Bedding

Laure Joliet
Jan 20, 2009

Some of the most fun we've had outfitting our place have been regular cruises through discount retailers Ross and TJ Maxx, just to see. Since we don't don't go in with an agenda we can really keep an open mind and hunt through the store just looking. We've had some great finds in bedding, taking risks on high quality linens from Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren that are in patterns or palettes that wouldn't have been our first instinct. And since there's rarely a whole set that matches, the low (really low!) prices make getting creative with mixing and matching patterns a lot of fun.

The only issue is one time I went to my local Ross and ran into an acquaintance who was clearly horrified to be seen there. Luckily I didn't feel embarassed (I embrace my inner Ross shopper) but it was hard to convince her that what she was doing was ok.

The top image is from SF Girl By Bay who has also found some great Ross finds to incorporate into her bedroom (without shame). What have you found?

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