Cheap Update Ideas for Rental Kitchen?

Cheap Update Ideas for Rental Kitchen?

Regina Yunghans
Aug 8, 2012

Q: My boyfriend and I just moved into a new townhome, and while the kitchen will be a nice workable size, once we get an island, it is a bit lacking cosmetically. We aren't able to paint, but we are pretty handy, so we were thinking of installing some cheap cabinet pulls and knobs. However, the cabinets have a piece of trim at the bottom, so I'm not quite sure how knobs and pulls would look.

Another update we've considered doing ourselves is replacing both the UFO-shaped light fixture above the stove and the random ceiling fan at the bottom of our stairs with some kind of flush mount fixture. We'd like to keep it as cheap as possible, but any ideas to help us update the space would be great! Sorry for the boxes in the picture, we're just barely moved in!

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