Check It Off: Checklist for the Smoothest Move & Setting Up Your New Home

Check It Off: Checklist for the Smoothest Move & Setting Up Your New Home

Andie Powers
Aug 16, 2012

You're off to a new home in a brand new place! A new adventure, a new start, and a new list of things to get done — hopefully within a week or two of moving. For all of you organizational junkies, time to get rolling! For those not as adept in the art of binders and dividers, here's a checklist to get you started.

In preparation for moving day:

• Collect all of your medical and dental records in a folder and take them with you to your new location. Or, notify your current offices that you will be requesting them via fax from your new doctor's and dentist's offices.

• Start throwing things away or donating! Do you really need to hold on to all of those old college books that you'll most likely never crack open again? Sell, donate, or toss anything that you don't need and will weigh down your moving boxes.

• If you have kids, get their school records all sorted and ready to transfer to new schools. For high school aged kids especially, this is an important part of setting their schedule for the next year.

• Prepare to disconnect or transfer any services. For water, gas, other utilities and land-line phones, set your end date as one day after you move. For cable and internet, request a transfer if possible, or research companies that provide service in your new area.

• Set up a mail transfer with the post office and notify any magazines or newspapers of your transfer or cancellation.

• Transfer or close bank accounts/credit union accounts.

• Take a general inventory of all items being moved.

• Dispose of any flammables that moving companies will not carry: paints, kerosene, certain cleaning products and even perfumes that you do not wish to haul yourself.

• Confirm any travel arrangements or hotel reservations for your move. Communicate with the representative for your future residence and make sure that you will be able to enter the building when you arrive.

• Designate a "private" room that movers will not enter. Aside from storing your items for travel and personal necessities, it's also nice to have a place to hide when you need a moment away from the packing/moving caos.

• Prepare all directions and contact information for movers, and get their crew chief's information in return. Communication is key!

Day of move or day after:

• Confirm water, electric or gas shut off/transfer if necessary, and turn of all faucets, lights, thermostats and air conditioners.

• Run a last check of the basement, attic, garage, sheds or closets to make sure you haven't missed anything!

• Lock all windows and doors and notify neighbors or building managers of your departure.

After you're in your new home:

• Clean! If the previous owners or management company did not order a full clean (they should have), hire a cleaning company to do a deep clean or put on those rubber gloves and do it yourself.

• Contact your insurance and credit card companies to move or change coverage, and look for local bank branches to set up a new account if necessary.

• Search for a new healthcare and dental provider by asking around or doing a quick search on the internet, and have your records transferred. Note all emergency rooms in the area.

• If you have kids, visit their new school and deliver class and shot records.

• Make an appointment to restart your cable, internet and/or phone service with the local company or to transfer service with your previous provider if possible.

• If you have pets, research vets and emergency veterinary rooms in the area. Obtain a pet license from the local city government.

• Unpack and inventory any broken or damaged items for insurance purposes and contact the moving company if there is proof of negligence.

Am I missing something? Let us know your suggestions!

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