Checklist for Moving Out

It's exciting settling into a new home. But leaving the old one behind can be tolling, both emotionally and physically. With stresses high on moving day, it's good to have a checklist to run down before you shut the door that final time...

  • Check every room, closet and cabinet to be sure you have everything with you.

  • Note the meter readings for electricity or other utilities as necessary.

  • Consider leaving a note with your new address so the next residents can forward any mail that slips through to your old address.

  • Make sure, if you've hired movers, that they have the correct information to get to your new residence.

  • Only after all of this is done, lock up and leave the keys with with whomever is responsible for them for the next residents.

Image: Moving Day, 20"x30" oil painting by Nick Patten

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