Cheer Up: Home Tips To Get You In the Spring Mindset

Transitional months, like March, are odd. You have one foot mired in winter and the next reaching for spring, unsure of where things stand. If you can't stand the idea of any more bleakness, make mental strides towards warmth and brightness.

TIP: Bring in fresh organic materials that feel alive. The fresh greenery and bright flowers help bid adieu to winter, and put you in the mood for warmer weather.

TIP: Add some life to your living space, using all your senses. Capture the scents of the season, with DIY candles that smell light and floral, or like the freshly cut grass or laundry. Or find other ways to add some zest at home.

→ TIP: Customize existing items using spring-like shades, like pink, green and blue. It’s a great way to refresh what you already own and make it work for the warmer months ahead.

TIP: Get a head start on summer by putting into place what you’ll need for warmer months. Decorate flower pots, make plant markers or planters, make colorful curtains, or customize your doormat.

TIP: Embrace the seasonal theme and create cheerful projects using flowers, and butterflies.

TIP: Facilitate your spring cleaning checklist with DIY cleaners using regular ingredients you have on hand at home. Again, go with fresh scents like citrus.

(Image credits: Ashley Poskin; Kim Lucian)