Chelsea Flea Market Finds

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Keeping the f$ea in fleamarket. Just to let you know that one of our intrepid friends, who is looking to furnish his new rental on a budget, but wants it to look like a million dollars, found this 11 foot onference table at the Chelsea Flea Market for $4800. While that is not chump change, it IS a monstrous table, in great condition and he is good at haggling (still to be done). The fellow who keeps this stall, John, also has many other pieces as well as large conference tables in steel for less dough. If you are in the city this weekend (bring a sweater) a walk through the flea market shouldn't disappoint. MGR

Saturday and Sunday, 6th Ave from 25th to 26th Street
sunrise to sunset
Phone: (212) 243-5343

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