Chelsea's Tiny Personality-Packed Room

House Call

Name: Chelsea Park
Location: Chinatown, New York, NY

I remember thinking my 9x7 room looked a lot bigger when it was empty. Then I got my bed in there. Once I was done crying on the inside, I decided right then would be a great opportunity to stop hoarding and start making good use of my walls.

I have a ton of books, so I hung several bookshelves and made the words the focal point of my room. Now it's my happy little place.

My closet is disproportionately large compared to my room so I decided to turn it into its own little room. I lined the walls of it with pictures and used shoe racks and stacking boxes to store all my clothes.

I also made sweet love to Ikea and bought a bed frame with super convenient drawers that I can put all my junk in.

Thanks, Chelsea!

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(Image credits: Chelsea Park)