CHI Good Questions: Wall Color to Complement "Cobblestone" Sofa?

CHI Good Questions: Wall Color to Complement "Cobblestone" Sofa?

Janel Laban
Mar 6, 2008

Meghan is looking for suggestions: "I am moving into a brand new house and I get to pick all the paint colors . . . which is awesome except I have picked out an odd color couch and need your help...

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My couch is a cobblestone color and I have to stay pretty neutral due to my boyfriend's unwillingness to experiment with color. Any suggestions? I have a picture of the couch I can send in. Thanks a bunch! "

Just to kick things off, here are three suggestions, a light, medium and dark tone (all from Benjamin Moore). We thought these purplish grey colors would be interesting with the sofa, but that might be "too" colorful for your boyfriend...

Any ideas for Meghan? Please give your suggestions in the comments below...

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