CHI Good Questions: Replacement Closet Doors?

CHI Good Questions: Replacement Closet Doors?

Janel Laban
Mar 10, 2008

Stacy sent us a good question by email: "I have a wide end closet with two door openings. When I bought my condo, there were sliding doors in both of the openings making seeing different categories of clothes difficult. Since the closet is one continuous space I tore out the divider, installed an organizer and now my closet had one wide opening (between 9-10 feet). I was looking for ideas for what kind of doors I might be able to use.

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I was thinking of sliding panels on overhead rails but don't know if that is possible. ANY advice is appreciated."

AT reader Kathryn did a project along these lines - she replaced two standard closet doors in her loft with IKEA PAX Stordal doors and it looks fantastic. Here is a post all about it, with links to her Flickr set on the project

Any other ideas or suggestions for Stacy? Let her know in the comments below...

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