CHI Good Questions: Opinions on Fiberglass Shell Chairs?

CHI Good Questions: Opinions on Fiberglass Shell Chairs?

Janel Laban
Mar 20, 2008

Stefanie is looking for a little back up: "I suppose its less of a question and more of hand holding, but I'm looking for any/all opinions here. My younger brother is buying furniture for his new house and I casually mentioned the idea of giving him my dining room chairs and getting replacements that are more my style. Turns out, he loves the chairs and is pressing me for an answer. Meanwhile, I've been lusting after fiberglass shell chairs - ideally vintage, but the Modernica version would certainly work too. Problem is (and this is why I come to you) all the people in my offline life think they're horrid (gasp!) and have me second guessing the choice."

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"I'm young and $1,500+ worth of dining room chairs is a pretty large purchase. Ok, seriously.. its a HUGE purchase. The money is there, but I'm scared to let it go and I want to make sure I make the right decision!

I've attached a photo of my dining room (above). Any thoughts? ATers seem to be generally on board with the chairs, but does it work in my space? I'm partial to Jadeite, Celery, and White with the Chrome Eiffel Tower base. I'm thinking four (all the same color) and two Chrome Wire Chairs w/ white pad for the ends. Oh, and the wallpaper is leftovers from the previous owners. I hate it, but I also hate stripping wallpaper. It'll be replaced eventually.

The dining room is one half of the main room in my house. I included a shot from the other half (above)."

Ok, AT design minds - let Stephanie know - does she and her brother get new dining room chairs? All suggestions, opinions and ideas welcome!

Top photo: Modernica

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