CHI Good Questions: Two Adults (and a Cat) in a Studio?

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Lori sent us an email: "My boyfriend and I are two college students (so small budget). We have been dreaming of a higher quality space to rent for the next two years...but this means downgrading size to afford it. We found a studio (just over 500 sq ft) that has been remodeled that is really nice...

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We don't know how we could divide the space up to accommodate two adults and a cat. We are willing to get rid of ALOT of baggage, but still are worried we wont have a bedroom space AND a living space/eating space. Please see pictures of the empty studio apartment. Do you guys think it is do able?

While not for everyone, we have to say YES, totally do-able. It looks like a nice renovation with a lot of potential. We'd suggest taking a look at Maxwell and Sara Kate's small studio for courage - they lived in 265 square feet for many years- nearly half the size!

Readers, do you agree? Thumbs up for a 500 sq. ft. studio for a couple and a pet? Please share your thoughts and ideas for using the space with Lori in the comments...

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