CHI Good Questions: Camouflaging a Kennel?

CHI Good Questions: Camouflaging a Kennel?

Janel Laban
May 12, 2008

Lisa sent us an email: "Do you have any ideas for decorating around a dog kennel? I have puggle with severe separation anxiety so we crate trained him for when we're gone during the day. The problem is now that I'm no longer living at home and trying to hunt down a dog-friendly (small) apartment I don't want to get stuck with a dog kennel being the highlight of my living room.

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What we currently have for him looks pretty much like the one shown here and is about 28L x 20W x 21H.

Any ideas for a way for camouflage it (that wouldn't compromise airflow)? Or know about any more attractive looking dog kennels?"

Calling all crate users! Please share your ideas and solutions with Lisa in the comments...

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