CHI Good Questions: Reupholster these Chairs?

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Lacy sent us a good question - "I got these great chairs last summer (after months of searching - at a great place on Broadway called Lisa's Loot. Don't know if AT has discovered it yet). I love them, they're super comfy, and they really fit with the funky library/science lab look I'm going for in my home.

I'm wondering, though ... would they work better if the upholstery were (was?) ivory instead of black?"

"I love the crisp look of white against dark brown (which the table, floor, and bookcases all are) and, living in a garden, I'm constantly trying to make the space as bright and airy as possible.
Then again, I definitely have the tendency to tweak things too much. Should I leave well enough alone, or take the plunge? Thanks!"

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Lacy, we'd say go for it - you have lived with them as-is for a while, so if you are still thinking about a switch, it probably is because you know it will be an improvement. We love the idea of lightening them up with an ivory upholstery, but also think that a dose of color would be great too. The little pops of turquoise from the globe and on the stand at the right really jump out and look great...maybe you want to consider a colorful alternative like a yellow or pale blue...

AT Readers, what do you think Lacy should do?

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