CHI Good Questions: Protecting Flowers During Cold Weather?

CHI Good Questions: Protecting Flowers During Cold Weather?

Janel Laban
Mar 3, 2008

Christian sent us an email: Help! Due to warm weather my Jonquils and Tuilps have started to appear above the ground. However, last night the temperature dropped down into the teens and today we are going to get at least two inches of snow with some freezing rain on top of that. Would should I do to protect my flowers?

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Christian, fellow AT: Chicago edtor Jessica came through with this answer to your question: there is something called a "cold frame" that can be used for protecting plants during cold weather. Here is the wikipedia entry for a cold frame and

Has anyone tried a cold frame with success? Did you buy it or do a DIY construction? Any other info oncold frames or other methods of protecting the flowers is appreciated - let Christian know in the comments...

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