CHI Good Questions: Coffee Table Suggestions?

CHI Good Questions: Coffee Table Suggestions?

Janel Laban
Jun 11, 2008
Ronald sent in a good question: "I want to put a coffee table--or any other sort of functional, not purely decorative--table, in front of this L-shaped sectional sofa, but I'm stymied. I've detected at least three problems...
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First, the right side of the sofa was sized to fit the relatively short wall (under the painting), so there's little depth for a table.

Second, I hate to hide the Oriental rug's center medallion.

Third, I tried a couple of small tables but they look sort of weird because the medallion makes them look off-center---the tables seemed to compete with the medallion, if that's possible. I found a petite clear glass Italian table called an "Easy Curve," but it's pricey. CB2 makes something similar out of acrylic, but I figured I'd scrape the heck out of that in short order.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Please add your suggestions for Ronald to the comments below...thanks!

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