CHI Good Questions: DIY Tree Stump Chair Advice Wanted

CHI Good Questions: DIY Tree Stump Chair Advice Wanted

Janel Laban
Mar 21, 2008

Sarah has a question: My husband and I have recently purchased an A Frame Craftsman house. It's the perfect size to start a family in and I love it. However, my dining room chairs feel like they are taking up too much of my floor plan, and I have been dying to make a set of 6 "stump chairs" on casters, so they can roll under the table.
Now before I start dragging home stumps, I have a question.

Do I need to seal the stumps? What if there are dormant insects living inside...if I didn't seal it, or paint it, they would just hop on out come wake up time right?
Or is this one of those things that I have over thought everything too much!

I had planned on painting them, but I didn't know if that was enough.

Congrats on the A-frame! Stump-seating sounds like a fun solution. We've only dealt with bringing wood in to our apartment to use in the fireplace, which we don't really store, so we have no idea about the possibility of critters. Can anyone offer advice to Sarah? Let her know in the comments...

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