CHI Good Questions: Ideas for Decorating this Fireplace?

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Marie Gael sent in a good question: "I'm downsizing from a large apt to a teeny, but great studio. DOWNsize, but UPgrade! Anywho, I'm looking for some ideas for this fireplace. my style is MOLD. I've considered going w/ a mirror & some candles, but has that been done to death yet? i did it several years ago & people loved it. My other thought was putting in a terrarium or one of those oldish glass green houses...

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...I really like that idea, but as you can see from the picture, there is a gas line in the way. The other issue is that the space is fairly tally & most terrariums I've seen aren't. I love the idea, but how can i implement it?

Ideas? i don't want something kitche or anything that screams FIREPLACE! i want to use the space in a creative way. PS-books are out as I'm already using them elsewhere.

Please, please help. I'm moving back to my hometown & wanna get this place together so i can have company."

Congrats on the new place, Marie Gael! AT designers, please share your decor ideas and suggestions with Marie in the comments below...

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