CHI Good Questions: Ideas for Shelving in this Nook?

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Jamie sent in a good question: I just moved into a great place in Wicker Park and have begun decorating it. One challenge so far: this strange nook/inlet in my dining room wall. It's about 6.5 feet wide, 6 feet tall and a little over a foot deep. I painted it the same color as my living room, to tie the two rooms together. I want to utilize as much of the space as possible, so my first instinct was to install some kind of custom shelving system (for books, a small stereo, decor, etc...) but am not sure which kind of shelves to get or how to arrange them. Suggestions?

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Congrats on the new place, Jamie. So many possibilities for this space! AT designers, please share your ideas with Jamie in the comments - thanks!

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