CHI Good Questions: Info on "Upside Down" Lighting?

CHI Good Questions: Info on "Upside Down" Lighting?

Janel Laban
Feb 8, 2008

Alex wrote to us: "I'm in the middle of furniture shopping for my new loft in the South Loop. I'm particular with the style and ambiance I want to create. As I surfed the net I came across some striking lighting fixures, however I can't seem to find anything similar online (for sale)..."

"I've gone as far as walking into various home decor shops and described what I'm looking for but no one seems to know where I should start my search. The best way to describe my lighting fixtures would be to give you the actual link where the image of these lighting fixtures exist. I'm hesitant about inquiring on the website where I found them because it's actually a bar/lounge type venue, so I feel they may be unwilling to share their go-to guy on their lighting fixtures. Please help!"

The photos are from S Bar, a Los Angeles venue which opened last fall. It was designed by Philippe Starck. Our best guess is that the lighting was most likely produced custom for this project from existing lamps, rather than purchased, but you never know. We've got a call in to the media rep for S Bar to see if there is any info to add, but in the meantime, we thought we'd go ahead an throw this one out to the everyone for their ideas and input.

Has anyone seen anything similar for sale? Suggestions also welcome for a source for having these done as a custom project or for materials to pull it off as a DIY...

Photos: S Bar

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