CHI Good Questions: Mixing Sofa and Chair Leg Styles?

CHI Good Questions: Mixing Sofa and Chair Leg Styles?

Janel Laban
Feb 27, 2008

Amy is looking for advice: "I have just purchased EQ3's Lola sofa (picture shown, but mine is a gray color). I want to get an armchair and am wondering if I need to get one with a steel base? ie will wood legs look too drastically different? I'm not one who needs everything coordinated but I don't want it to look too haphazard. Of the chairs I'm looking at..."

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Crate and Barrel's Rochelle and
Robin Bruce's Nadine - I'd get it in a fun blue) and, open to suggestions, steel base or no... price range is under $1000.

We prefer when the leg materials of upholstered pieces are similar (either all metal or all wood), but certainly it is not worth passing up a chair that you really like for - and, there is always the option of replacing wooden legs with metal ones, something that we have seen done very effectively.

Readers, what do you think? Is it a big deal to mix leg styles on a sofa and chair in the same grouping? Would you continue the search? Let Amy know in the comments below, along with any suggestions.

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