CHI Good Questions: Modern Murphy Beds?

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We had two recent Murphy Bed questions so we thought we'd combine them here to gather as much info in one place as possible for the readers...Christopher says: "I am looking for a contemporary design for a murphy bed system. Do you know of any retailers in Chicago that you would recommend?" and Katie who wrote "I'm thinking about building a Murphy bed for my guest bedroom....

...I found this site, Moddi, which sells plans for this cool looking bed. They claim that it is inexpensive and easy to construct. I'm wondering if anyone has made this Murphy bed and can provide some insight about construction difficulty and quality of the finished product."

For Christopher who asked for Murphy Bed retailers in Chicago...we know of a shop in Lincolnwood, called Off the Wall Beds which allows for custom design, so a more contemporary look may be possible. There is also a chain resource in Naperville, the More Space Place. Anyone have others to add or recommendations/info on these two?

and for Katie, we're hoping someone can share some experiences or thoughts on the Moddi DIY murphy bed...

If you have info to share with Christopher and Katie, please let us know in the comments below...

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