CHI Good Questions: What to Do with a Psuedo-Window?

CHI Good Questions: What to Do with a Psuedo-Window?

Janel Laban
Feb 19, 2008

Bahram sent us an email: I'm hoping you can help me solve this problem I've been having for about 6 months now. I live in a tiny, rented 1-bedroom apartment which has this gaping psuedo-window between my living room and bedroom. To make matters worse, it's covered by generic vertical blinds which I cannot remove. So basically, I need opinions on how I should cover it up. I get a lot of natural light through it, so ideally, I'd like to use something translucent. It measures about 7 feet across.

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One option would be to do a plexiglas panel in the open space. It could be done in a hot color (like the one shown here between the desks from an old issue of Blueprint) or a textured/frosted finish to create more privacy while still allowing light through.

We posted about the availability of custom, larger sized panels in Chicago here - from Petersen Brother's Plastics.

Please share your ideas and suggestions for Bahram in the comments below...

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