CHI Good Questions: What to Do With this Extra Room?

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Katie has a rare problem - she has an extra room and is not sure what to do with it! "Please help! I have a problematic room in my house that seems to have no purpose. Its 8 ft x 8.5 ft and is right off of the kitchen...
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I want to rip out the cabinets and sink since I have no use for it, and I want the room to have a purpose. I've considered a mud room, I just don't need one. Does anyone have any other creative ideas?? Thanks for your help!"

Our first thoughts were either to add lots of shelving and make it into a fantastic pantry and cook book library...or maybe a little art studio/craft room - if you left the sink it would come in handy....or perhaps a small home office?

What would you do with this bit of extra real estate? Share your ideas with Katie in the comments...