CHI Good Questions: What Would You Do?

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Mindy's got a dilemma: "My mouth literally dropped when I saw this post today on the lotus panel. I was recently in the Asian "antique" store Wow&Zen in Wicker Park/Bucktown with some clients of mine. They purchased an IDENTICAL set of lotus panels for a more substantial price. The owner said the panels were all hand carved (true) and implied that they were a one of a kind antique! I'm not sure if I should contact my client or the owner of Wow&Zen. What do you think?"

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Perhaps contact Wow & Zen first and give them a chance to explain the possible reasons for the difference in price - there may be some good ones. If the answer is not satisfying, then you could always contact the client and suggest a return of the first set and the purchase of one of these seemingly easy to obtain alternates.

AT readers, what do you think?

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