Sa's Family Home in the City

Sa's Family Home in the City

Janel Laban
Jan 31, 2008

Name: Sa, Scott and Theo
Location: West Ridge
Size: 1700 sq/ft
Years lived in: 3 (rented one year, then bought the 3-flat)

Sa fell in love with her apartment. After years of East Coast living, she and her husband made the move back to their Midwestern roots. On sabbatical from her photography teaching position and pregnant with their first child, they were in a hurry to settle in somewhere accessible and affordable in the city.

They found their place in the Tribune classifieds - the light, location and price (including heat!) were right and they moved in. With a HUGE park to the north and an open lot to the east, their very urban home has unusually green and open views.

Photos by Sa Schloff

After living in the space as tenants for a year, the opportunity to purchase the three-flat presented itself and by that time, they loved the space, light and views. The rest is history - since becoming owners the hardwood floors were done, back balconies built, french doors rescued and painting projects were tackled. Next up: the kitchen renovation.

This cozy home to a creative family is full of warmth and color and was a pleasure to visit. Visual treats abound in every room, from the artwork throughout to the small displays of pretty yet quirky tchotchkes on the surfaces of the vintage casegoods that they have collected. The flow of the rooms and divisions between the public and private spaces work wonderfully, partially due to the good bones of an old home and partially thanks to the design skills of the family that resides there.

Inspiration for our home: Natural Light

Our Style: Comfortable/modern/sculptural mixed with classic 20's architecture

Favorite Room: Theo's

Most Talked About Element: Amazing light from all four sides, view of park

Most Embarassing Element: Every closet filled to the brim

Proudest DIY: Scott's paintings, Sa's photographs and Theo's "mixed media" artwork

Dream Source: Wright Auctions and Architectural Artifacts

Reality Source: Craig's List, Ebay, small local junk/antique shops, Ikea kids furniture

Best Advice: Don't do it all at once

Found Treasure:The last set of original French doors we "borrowed" from second floor apartment

Had forever: Pair of modern dressers from Scott's childhood bedroom

Just got: The living room painted

(Thanks, Sa!)

Re-edited from a post originally published 12.21.06

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