CHI House Tour: Glorily and Jeremy's Evolving Wicker Park Victorian

Name: Glorily and Jeremy
Location:Wicker Park
Years lived in: Almost 3 years, until the owner sold the building

Glorily took amazing photos of the apartment she and Jeremy shared before they (sadly) had to move, cataloging a really well put together, totally original third floor perch high above the city in a Victorian in Wicker Park. We especially like the photos since they show a bit of history of a great place evolving over time - all the changes and improvements, additions and edits as the rooms take shape and change. We got in touch with Glorily after seeing that she tagged the photos with "apartmenttherapychicago" in Flickr and asked her if we could turn them into a tour - along with a few nosy questions to get the scoop on the great looking old place and their plans for the future...

Photos: Thanks to Glorily!

Here's the scoop on the old place from Glorily: "It was (and still is) a Victorian mansion that we rented. My boyfriend Jeremy and I lived on the 3rd floor. We spent almost 3years there but had to move out because the owner sold the place. I can't even begin to express what a bummer it was to move out. Not only was the rent a steal for WP, the place also sat on a double lot and had an above ground pool shaded by giant trees."

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And the history of her decorating style:
...when we first moved in together Jeremy and I only had a bed, a futon, a TV and a little kitchen table. Most of the decorating choices we made came out of being broke, but wanting to express ourselves in the new place. I spent a lot of Sunday afternoons at the Ark looking for lamps, picture frames, mirrors, tables, glasses, tableware, etc. Finding inexpensive things and making them our own is so much fun, I don't think I'll ever stop.

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And, finally, where they are now and where they are going next! : "With heavy hearts we moved to another Victorian a block away on the same street. Also the 3rd floor. Also beautiful, but waay more expensive and with no pool :(. I'm actually working on posting pics of THAT place so we can remember it since we will be moving yet again this Sunday. We bought a condo (yay) about 3 blocks away. Jeremy and I will miss the Vctorians but are excited to have a place to call our own. And now that we have (thanks to a promotion) the chance to tap into more resources to decorate, I don't think I'll ever quit going to the thrift store. It'll be interesting to see how our thrifty finds look in our shiny new condo!"

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Thanks, Glorily and Jeremy and Good Luck in the new place!

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