Chic & Versatile: 10 Beautiful Dutch Doors

Chic & Versatile: 10 Beautiful Dutch Doors

Taryn Williford
Oct 6, 2015

Dutch doors are like the mullet of threshold barriers (and I mean that in the best way). Versatile, allowing for fresh air and a clear barrier at the same time. And they can be beautiful, too. Two doors means there are four sides to play with color and features like window panes.

Dutch doors are great inside a home, too, as a partial access point for a private space like an office. A half-open Dutch door says "I'm here, but I'm working." Half doors also work great in kids rooms, giving them partial privacy and a place to role play store counters and puppet theaters.

Here are a few of my favorite homes with Dutch doors. If you have one at home, I hope these photos inspire you to style it. And if not, maybe you'll feel inspired to create one (here are instructions from HGTV on turning an interior door into a Dutch door).

Do you have a Dutch door at home?

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