Chicago Or Bust!

Chicago Or Bust!

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 14, 2007

We're off to Chicago! Due to the snow storm and her dislike of airplanes, Ursula chose to take the slow train to Chicago. We left New York yesterday at 4pm heading into heavy snow and 20 hours later we are still on the rails somewhere west of Cleveland. While you never know whether or not Apartment Therapy will make a big splash or a tiny one tomorrow at the taping of the Oprah Show, we will definitely be there as guests.

What is even more interesting is the super cool sleeper cabin that we have been living in since yesterday. Measuring a mere 48 square feet, this mini home is a vintage marvel complete with full bathroom, shower, 2 beds, overhead storage compartment with ladder, and an independent thermostat...

As we watch the snow swirl by the windows we are in heaven. We will be bringing back photographs of the entire car and if we ever reach Chicago we will have pics of that too. In the meantime, posting will be a little light until we get back online. (Thanks to justine for transcribing this off the cell phone.)

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