Chicago Represents: The Next Big Thing

Chicago Represents: The Next Big Thing

Janel Laban
Jun 25, 2007

Caitlin of Nice tipped us off with an email: "Hey did you realize there are 3 great girls from Chicago featured on's Next Big Thing?" Well, no, we didn't - but we are happy to congratulate them here and link on through to the local talent for you to cast your vote...

Fred Flare's Next Big Thing is a competition to find "your fave designer of 2007" and as Caitlin told us, three of the designers in the running are from Chicago. Here they are:

Owl and Earring Tree Set by Renegade Craft Fair's Susie Blatt of Timber Handmade

Mini Deer Plaque by Caitlin Holcomb of Nice

Nice job and good luck, ladies!

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