Radiant Orchid in Children's Rooms

Pantone Color of the Year 2014

The dubbing of "Radiant Orchid" as Pantone Color of the Year may not inspire people to dart out to the store to buy buckets of the pinkish-purple paint, but children and their parents have long been inspired by this puzzling hue. Take a look through some of our favorite orchid-clad kids' rooms.

Trying to make it work? Isolate it to the ceiling or bedspread. Flank it with adjacent colors on the wheel — periwinkle or fuchsia; let it pop against a contrasting mustard or mint. Whatever you choose, it's an odd bird, but a fun one with which to work. Some of these veer more toward violet than orchid but, let's face it, purple is having a moment.

1. Paloma's Room in Caroline & Jose's Remarkable Nest Tour

2. Quinn's Beautiful Balanced Abode

3. Nicholas & Fabienne's Quirky & Colorful London Home

4. Carlotta & Concha's Pretty Patterned Nursery

5. Remy's Fantastic Floral Nursery

6. Alliyah's Pretty in Pink (and Purple) Room

7. Milly's Fabric Inspired Space

8. Stella & Hazel's Happy & Girly Shared Room

9. Emmeth's Attic Nook

10. A Pink & Purple Bedroom to Delight Two Daughters

(Image credits: Chris Perez; Sasithon Photography; Eleanor Büsing; Susan Oliviera/Citrus and Orange; Reader Remy; Jennifer Barnes Photography; Gwen/The Makerista; Haeley/Design Improvised); Kathryn/Designing Around; Plum Lily Photography)