Chilewich Woven Vinyl

Chilewich Woven Vinyl

Regina Yunghans
Mar 1, 2007

This has been around a while. Chilewich, the creation of NYC's Sandy Chilewich, is a woven vinyl fabric that makes floor mats, tablemats, handbags, and more. We've always liked the Chilewich product for their soft, neutral look.

The photo above shows new floor mat colors coming out for Spring 2007.

Also new for Spring 2007 are the tablemats pictured here. These are a departure from the original weaves. They have a graphic pattern placed to the side of the mats instead of the continuous weave we're used to seeing from Chilewich.

Chilewich is also jumping on the modular flooring bandwagon with the Plynyl Tile, shown above.

Also check out their Cubes, which is woven vinyl-covered foam that can be used as a side table.

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