Chinese Washing Buckets

Chinese Washing Buckets

Grace Shu
Dec 3, 2007


We saw a bunch of these in a bin outside of the Ranch 99 in Alhambra, and we couldn't resist picking up the last five--they were half off! These Chinese Washing Buckets have reincarnated into versatile holders for anything in and out of the house.

We've put all five to good use: a firewood holder; a place to keep pillows and throws handy; planters for our front stoop and back porch; and a towel holder for the guest bathroom. The good thing is that all of these tubs are different, so it doesn't look too matchy.

You can get these Chinese Washing Buckets from Wisteria (pictured above), but we definitely recommend hitting up Alhambra to find a better deal.

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