One of the great things about Chicago is that, unlike San Francisco, New York, or Washington, D.C., affordable and spacious apartments are available in a number of neighborhoods. But that doesn't mean that we don't also have our share of studios, small-space dwellers, and appreciation for a compact floorplan.

We've had some spectacular showings throughout the years, so I thought I'd include a few blasts from the past along with some more recent tours.

Top Row:
1. Danielle's Charming, Classic Walk-Up (2013)
2. Melissa & Matt's Design Lab (2007)
3. Dan's Apartment of Artful Assemblages (2013)
4. Liz's Light Off Lake Michigan (2011)
5. Todd's Handmade Home (2010)

Bottom Row:
1. Arthur's Long-Distance Home (2008)
2. Jillian's Snug and Serene Studio (2013)
3. Amy's Retro Ravenswood Apartment (2006)
4. Drew & Annie's Calm and Collected Home (2014)
5. Jamie's Cozy and Colorful Chicago Loft (2014)