Choosing Green Non-Stick Cookware

Choosing Green Non-Stick Cookware

Amber Byfield
Jul 20, 2009

Over the weekend, the topic of non-stick cookware came up after an incident with tofu left our stainless steel skillet...well, covered in burnt tofu (our fault, not the skillet's). Not to mention that a lack of skill prevents us from making omelets in our stainless pans. In any case, we know that given the rumblings in the culinary world about the dangers of non-stick, we'd like to choose a green alternative. That's when we decided to turn to a very trusted source for direction on just which green cookware to choose....

When we have a question about a product, we turn first to The Kitchn and then to Cook's Illustrated to get very helpful reviews. So we thought we'd check in on their list for a greener alternative to Teflon or other conventional non-sticks.

Sadly, our trusted source didn't find one pan they'd highly recommend that held up to the rigors of test kitchen cooking--which means it definitely wouldn't hold up for a couple of years in the kitchen. So what are we to do? Try out cast iron, which will last for ages--that's for sure.

(Image: Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Skillet, available at Macy's.)

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