Roundup: Lighting For Artwork

Roundup: Lighting For Artwork

Highighting your artwork or photographs at home through proper lighting can often prove to be a daunting experience. From choosing the right type of bulb for your particular piece, to investing in a lamp, to hiding those unsightly cords, creating your own personal gallery can be an intimidating challenge.

Last week, we broke down the different kinds of bulbs on the market and how they can enhance your investments, as well as the cautions of exposing your pieces to different types of light. To expand upon those tips, we've rounded up a few wall lamps that will both protect your art, and give it the attention it deserves.


1. Westinghouse Picture Light, $23
2. Traditional Oil Rubbed Picture Light, $105
3. Restoration Hardware Picture Light, from $260


1. Rhine Swing-Arm Halogen Wall Lamp, $65
2. Croft & Little Pictura Angle Arm Picture Light, $98 via Apartment Therapy
3. Remote Controlled Concept Lighting, $110


1. Rite Light, $20
2. House of Troy Battery Powered Light, $135
3. Hogarth Original Picture Light, from $360

To hide those cords, check out these products:
Picture Light Receptacle, $9
Decorative Conduit, $8

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