For many home owners and apartment dwellers, a living room home office can be a necessity, especially when more than one person needs a workstation. While some people frown at integrating an office area in a living room, something that traditionally is reserved for family, others find a balance between work and leisure. Chris' home office living room has got wonderful tones and windows, that set it apart from others we've seen.

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Chris, who is also known as Zgradis, is from Chicago, Illinois, and his living room home office sets itself apart thanks to the incredible views out of his high-rise. The impressive view of the Sears Tower and other landmarks is complemented with a moody living room home office. The reddish glow of the LED lights hidden behind this screens give the whole room a mercurial quality.
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His desk sits in the corner of his living room, while his home entertainment system, complete with a Xbox 360 HALO edition video console, is right next to it. This allows him to easily stream media and use the 40" Samsung HDTV whenever he feels the need.
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A large tasteful painting sits above his workstation, which also has some reddish hues. Other decorations include an orchid on his desk, a LEGO Droideka (destroyer droid from Star Wars), and a large Buddha candle highlight the unusual atmosphere of this living room home office.
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Resources Hardware -Sennheiser HD-555 -Samsung 40" LCD HDTV -Xbox 360 HALO Edition -Polk Audio home theater speakers -Drobo -2× Samsung 245BW 24" computer screens -Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard -Logitech G500 mouse -Logitech Orbit Webcam -Desktop PC Computer (Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 4GB RAM, EVGA 780i SLI Motherboard, EVGA GeForce GTX 295 GPU, WD Raptor HD, Thermaltake power supply, Lian Li PC-V1100BPlus II Black case)
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Furniture -IKEA Grono table lamps -IKEA LED Dioder light strip

Art & Decor
-LEGO Droideka
-Buddha candle on desk
-Orchid flower on his desk

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(Images with permission: Flickr member Zgradis)