Chris Walsh - Booth #22

Chris Walsh - Booth #22

Gregory Han
Sep 24, 2012

Design: WFOUR Side Table
Materials: Solid hardwoods

Pitch: I started WFOUR Design with the goal of creating custom furniture using solid hardwoods, fun colors, and timeless design. Inspired by a multitude of styles and after numerous sketches and prototypes I have created my first series of side tables using a unique one-piece leg system.

The design is three fold:

  • First, it's simple. A gorgeous solid hardwood cabinet sits atop the one-piece leg system and is available with or without drawers.
  • Second, it's fun. The one-piece leg system is tall and thin with gentle curves. The back legs are set in from the corners giving the side table a different appearance from every angle.
  • Finally, it's yours. As each side table is hand-built and made to order you can customize anything from it's size, height, material, color, knobs, and drawers. With hundreds of combinations each piece is one of a kind.


Designer: Chris Walsh
Website: WFOUR Design
Location: Eugene, Oregon


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