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Name: Chris
Location: Daly City. I live in an "almost urban" location, just outside SF, on the ocean bluff

You know that song about the little boxes on the hillside, made of ticky tacky? I bought one of those in 2012. It is a Henry Doegler home, made in the early 50's.

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My family of designers (retail, graphic and industrial) did a total reformat of this place. We chose this place because the house backs up to the ocean bluffs, and a secret side yard, plus the neighbors have chickens.

The house is small, 1263 square feet, but the rooms are big. We are especially proud of the treatment to the cabinet inserts under the kitchen sink (thanks to the DIY Pinterest community), the wall of windows in the bathroom, and the front yard, which was a silly patch of grass, but is now a big juicy planter with oodles of lavender and succulents.

Thanks, Chris!

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(Image credits: Submitted by Chris)

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