Christiane Lemieux of DwellStudio

Apartment Therapy's Summer Style Survey

Christiane Lemieux, Founder and Creative Director of DwellStudio shared her summer style with us…

SUN OR SHADE?: A little of both.

THE COLOR OF SUMMER 2010: For me…a kind of pinky coral — Pantone 16-1442 Melon. We are loving it.

ALL TIME FAVORITE VACATION LOCATION: India - anywhere- the beaches, the mountains and the cities.

MOST REFRESHING SUMMERTIME DRINK: Refreshing drink -hmmm there are a lot of great summer drinks. Specifically refreshing -Non alcoholic -would be sparkling water with tons of lime....alcoholic would be Gin and Tonic also with tons of lime.

PLANTED IN THE GARDEN THIS YEAR: Lots of fresh herbs. There is nothing like the smell of wild mint or rosemary.

ESSENTIAL SUMMER SONG FOR PARTY PLAYLIST: At our place in the summer it's Bob Marley all the way...Uprising and Kaya are favorite albums.

BEST BOOK IN THE BEACHBAG: I confess I now have an iPad in my beach bag with a lot of books loaded on it, but right now I am reading "My Life in France" by Julia Child. A great read.

Thanks, Christiane!

Christiane and Joshua Source the World

To celebrate the start of Summer, Apartment Therapy has asked some of the most stylish people we know to answer a few survey questions on how they enjoy the season.
More to come throughout June & July!

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