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Grand Rapids, MI
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I moved in less than two months ago and while I am a believer in waiting for the right piece, I am too impatient to live with an undecorated house in the meantime. I was able to furnish the entire apartment in a couple of weeks with almost exclusively second-hand furnishings costing $50 or less, and it actually feels really good to me. I am proud of how I was able to create this space while working with such a tight budget.

What I love most about my small home is how sunny it is. I am not a morning person but when the whole apartment is filled with warm light in the morning, it actually makes me excited to get out of bed!
Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Small Space::
1. I love the simplicity a small place offers. I have had larger places in the past and just filled them with unnecessary stuff. A lack of space can help remind you of what is important; friends, music, flowers, food, tea. These are the things that make a home, not owning tons of stuff.
2.The first thing a guest will notice about your home is the way it smells. In a small place, it is especially important to keep a handle on messes, as unpleasant smells can easily creep into the rest of the house. For providing a chosen scent, nothing is better than a good candle.
3. Define luxury for yourself. Think about what makes you feel good. Is it piles of books? A space dedicated to sipping tea in the morning? It is important to find what it is and prioritize it. Make a grown-up fort for reading in. Make your creepy cat collection the focal point of your living room. Turn your closet into a yoga studio... This is your home and it will not feel quite right until it feels like you.