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New York, NY
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
After a long day, I love coming back to my apartment, plopping down on my couch, and then looking around at the distinct spaces around my room to plan out what I need to do for the remainder of the day (cleaning, dining, organizing, etc). That's one of the benefits of having a small home, and having everything you own open and aware to your view. I like how the narrow space of my apartment and the enclosed brick wall makes the place cozy, and yet I've incorporated light fabrics and colors to give it an open, airy feel.
Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Small Space::
1) Separate out functional areas so that you can define one part of the room for lounging, another for dining, and etc. This helps create a better flow to your space and also to your daily habits in your apartment.
2) Have fun with color and quirky details that you may not normally be drawn to. This will add a funky mix to your style!
3) Try to think of non-residential spaces you've felt comfortable in - cafes, galleries, museums, boutiques, etc. and try to mimic at least one element from that space in your apartment!