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Washington, DC
Inspiration for my palette:
A late night, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and a Travel Magazine. I wanted deep, rich colors that looked slightly aged. I started with a coat of the deep blue, then dry brushed the gold on top to help catch the light. I left the other two walls white. One I use as a giant memo-board filled with vintage photos and art. The other is an exterior closet, because I have a shopping problem and no storage.
Colors used in my room:
African Tulip, Dulux. Satin Finish.
Gold Leaf.
Tips for using color successfully:
Just freaking do it. Colors clash? So what. Look at images from India. The whole country is a riot of fabulously mismatched colors. Throw them together and call it a day. Not allowed to paint? So what. Did you really think you were getting that security deposit back anyway? You have to be happy in your space. Color makes me happy. My rental agreement can suck it. I love this room.
Globe Trekker Blues
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