Christine's First Real Grownup Home

House Call

Name: Christine Donnelly
Location: Toronto, ON

I bought this small house (about 1,000 square feet) on my own 6 years ago in an up-and-coming (read: rough and tumble) area called Parkdale, in Toronto's west end.

Having grown up in public housing I spent my childhood living and playing in huge stretches of run-down apartment buildings. For me, the idea of living in a "real" house one day seemed like an impossible dream.

When I found this house I initially was terrified to make such a large purchase by myself - but I did it! I love my home because it's testament to what you can accomplish if you stay focused, keep calm and be brave.

I'm still very budget-conscious so I limit my purchases to one big, grown-up acquisition a year. Last year it was the Hans Chair from Dwell. The year before it was a bright Team Macho print called The Dullest Boy Ever (hanging above the fireplace). Staying on budget means the decor in my house is a bit on the sparse side, and I've really grown to like decorating that way.

Thanks, Christine!

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(Image credits: Christine Donnelly)